Summer-y LinkStorm

Happy summer everyone! I’ll just leave these here…

First some crafts

Pressed Seaweed Prints, perfect for that Cape Cod trip with the in-laws.

Quick and Easy Brass Bookends, inspired by Young House love. A simple project with quick and pretty results.

Hot Air Balloon Mobile, an adorable felt craft, for the baby or forever-young adult in your life (hint hint, make me one!)

Faux Copper Patina, turn your trinkets into treasures, courtesy of EPBOT.

And then a couple recipes

Cottage Canapes, for all your summer tea part and picnic needs.

Hi Hat Cupcakes, wow your friends and family with yet another cupcake recipe from Bakerella.


Tiny Worlds

Summer time, and the living is easy.

My mother’s gardens have always been glorious, and someday when I have a yard I hope that mine will be anywhere near as beautiful. For now though, my gardens have to be small, portable, and difficult to kill.

And so, I’ve turned to bonsais and terrariums. And look what I made!

101_3660 (2)

A fairy garden! The glass jar is wonderful, an old vaporizer jug from Father’s college days. For greenery, you want to look for plants that thrive in similar environments. I did a little yard scavenging and found some nice shade plants – Sweet Woodruff, Violets, and Lily of the Valley. Currently, it is inhabited by a glass duckling in a bonnet, and a floppy eared rabbit.

101_3664 (2)

On a smaller scale, I also keep jars of moss in my windows. They are both decorative and useful, I can pull out a sheet of moss for my bonsais at any time of year.

For a nice list of plants that do well, check out Going Home to Roost’s post on terrariums. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking to avoid the experimenting.

Let’s get this Party Started!

With some sugar!

Happy Father’s Day everyone! Or – for those in the know – Happy Falker Satherhood!


For less wrecky baked goods though, keep reading.

My family has a tradition of doing silly, themed baked goods for Father’s Day each year. So on Sunday, we started the day with crepes, strawberries, and fresh whipped cream. Yum! Then for our family’s party, it was on to the main event.


Hamburger cupcakes! Served with sugar cookie fries! The buns are golden cupcakes, the burgers are brownies, and the lettuce and ketchup are colored frosting (Father is allergic to nuts, but shredded coconut also works perfectly for lettuce). Recipe and idea courtesy of Bakerella, a fun little site that I discovered in my early college years. Hers are far prettier than mine though, so you should definitely check out her stuff.


And this next one is courtesy of my creative and talented cousin Audrey. My grandfather has a wonderful little obsession with his lawn, and we cousins help him out whenever we can. He also has a wonderful little obsession with sweets. The diabetes is perhaps a threat- but hey, he hasn’t lost any toes yet!

What about you guys? Any fun traditions? Any special baked goods do you guys do for holidays? I’m always looking for more ideas.

More Sweet than Silly

Welcome to my blog! My life is filled with so much sweetness right now, along with so much silliness, that I need to document it. So this is where I’ll post all the random bits and pieces that might otherwise slip through the cracks.

For example…

There will be cakes!

There will be cakes!

There will be cakes! Really now guys, I’m planning a wedding, how could you possibly expect otherwise? Also expect flowers and dresses and jewelry and limousines and photographers and favors and *running out of breath*

There will be crafts! (Be prepared for Steampunk my friends. With a side of Renaissancery and a hot air balloon or two)

There will very likely be bonsai trees, there will be strange words and eldritch beasts, and there will be the day-to-day joys and terrors of an ever-changing life.