What’s the Word, Nerd?

Ever been called a nerd? A dork? Maybe even a geek? Ever accused someone else of being one of those things? (Disclaimer: I am all of these, but we already knew that, didn’t we?)

Well friends, I’m all for judgement, scorn, and witty insults, but let’s spend a moment becoming just a little bit more well-informed, shall we?


Nerd: A person (often of above average intelligence) interested in learning in general. The word first appeared in Dr. Seusse’s If I Ran the Zoo, alongside creatures such as Nerkles, Seersuckers, Preeps, and Proos.

Geek: An enthusiast or expert in a specific field of knowledge (Eg. a band geek or trekkie). Carnival performers whose acts included biting the heads off of chicken and snakes were also called geeks, but, thankfully, that is far less common today.

Dork: A foolish, socially inept person


Now then, if you’re looking for some more original zingers, try these on for size.

Looby: an awkward, clumsy, lazy person

Pixilated: mentally unbalanced, insane

Sudoriferous: Smelly or sweat producing

Rampallion: a ruffian or scoundrel (this one is Shakespeare approved!)

Have fun!