Tiny Worlds

Summer time, and the living is easy.

My mother’s gardens have always been glorious, and someday when I have a yard I hope that mine will be anywhere near as beautiful. For now though, my gardens have to be small, portable, and difficult to kill.

And so, I’ve turned to bonsais and terrariums. And look what I made!

101_3660 (2)

A fairy garden! The glass jar is wonderful, an old vaporizer jug from Father’s college days. For greenery, you want to look for plants that thrive in similar environments. I did a little yard scavenging and found some nice shade plants – Sweet Woodruff, Violets, and Lily of the Valley. Currently, it is inhabited by a glass duckling in a bonnet, and a floppy eared rabbit.

101_3664 (2)

On a smaller scale, I also keep jars of moss in my windows. They are both decorative and useful, I can pull out a sheet of moss for my bonsais at any time of year.

For a nice list of plants that do well, check out Going Home to Roost’s post on terrariums. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking to avoid the experimenting.